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What to Take on Your Next Lake Vacation

Lake vacations are simply wonderful. You cannot compare the peace and tranquility that comes with spending the holidays away from the hustle and bustle of city life. However, if taking a lake vacation is one of your plans for the holidays, then it is important to maintain a check list that will help you in making sure you do not miss out any essentials.

Packing of clothes and accessories that will be of use for the exact duration of the lake vacation is essential. You must try as much as possible to minimize the weight and the size of your luggage. Pack only the most important things which may include:


You may take up to five shirts; consider choosing shirts with long sleeves that can easily be rolled up to double as short-sleeved. Make sure they are made of wrinkle-free material and dries easily over the night. See some great clothes for lake vacations here.

Pants & Shorts

Make sure they are of lightweight cotton. Two pairs of three is okay. In fact, to reduce your load, why not consider lightweight convertible pants with zip-off legs that can easily double as a pair of shorts? Since you may likely be swimming in the lake, shorts will be ideal for you as a swim wear.

Underwear & Socks

Do not forget to pack your underwear and your socks as well. Make sure they are of light material, preferably the cotton-nylon blend which is known to dry faster than materials made of 100% cotton.


Walking shoes with very good traction and comfortable to wear. You may also take along with you a pair of sandals.


This is for layering to give you warmth. You may also consider taking lightweight fleece along with you.


It should be of very light material and water-resistant. If you expect rain, then the jacket should be hooded and waterproof.

Medicines and Toiletries

If you are currently on any medication, do not forget to pack them along with you; and that includes a first-aid kit and of course, toiletries. You may likely not be staying anywhere near a settlement where you can quickly dash in and purchase toiletries or vitamins, so endeavor to pack up these important essentials; and that includes toothpaste and toothbrush.

Small Flashlight

You may bring along a tiny but very powerful LED flashlight which are extremely bright and lightweight.
Insect repellent: If you are the type that is prone to insect bites, then please bring one along.


If you love water sports, then take your waterboard with you. It’s a vacation after all; enjoy yourself and catch some fun.

Camp Stove

Nothing enhances an outdoor adventure more than cooking up a feast. Improve your day with some grilled meat and boiled soup with a portable stove. Read this camp stove guide to help you find the perfect one for you.

Sleeping Bag/Sleeping Pad

These are important necessities you must definitely take along with you.

Sunshades, Sunscreen and Skin Lotion

Do not get sunburnt; packing up and using a good pair of sunshades and sunscreen will prevent and protect your skin.

There are lots more, but if you can get the materials mentioned above, you can be sure that your next lake vacation will be one that you will cherish forever.

wakeboarding tips

Your Introduction to Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding can be an awesome experience if mastered correctly. If you don’t know what wakeboarding is, it is a type of water sport where a rider stands on a small board that is similar to a surf board and is towed by a motor boat. This water sport is such fun as you can perform a myriad of tricks in mid-air as you jump the wakes, like back flipping, spinning 180’s and 360’s and barrel roles, etc. (about barrel roles…if you are a beginner, you would want to hold off on that). It is also sometimes referred to as water skiing. Here are some things to know about wakeboarding.

One of the first things to get acquainted with in the world of wakeboarding with is the slang expressions usually spoken by people used to boat-towed water sports. If someone calls you “goofy-footed” for example, don’t get all offended and put off; it’s just one of the jargons thrown around by people that are into water sports, so learn the terms and be used to them.

There are different types of wakeboards out there; if you have several hundred dollars to spare, then you might consider buying the best one that matches your level of skill or experience. If you are a beginner, do not be tempted to purchase a wakeboard that can only be used by an expert. Do not make that mistake. Examples of popular wakeboards are the Hyperlite Motive (suitable for beginners), the CWB Sol, the Liquid Force Fish amongst others.

When purchasing a suitable wakeboard, don’t forget to check the type of bindings attached to the water board. Check that the bindings are not too tight or too loose. In fact, you will not be able to ride for very long on the lake. You may choose among the types of bindings namely overlay, underlay, baseplate among others. The way you set up your binding of choice on the wakeboard and your stance will definitely reflect how skillful you are.

Do not forget to also purchase a life vest that fits perfectly to your body. If you really want to enjoy a ride that is comfortable and safe, get a life jacket that is of the right fit for you. Also purchase a rope that is specific to wakeboarding; using just any rope, or even water skiing rope will not do.

It is also vitally important to learn the wakeboarding hand signals; knowing and using the signals for effective communication while you are on a wakeboard will ensure effective communication.

Wakeboarding is such a fun water sport that is enjoyed around the world by people who live near lakes or the seaside. Following the guidelines above will ensure you have the best of experiences anytime you take your family or friends out to the lake for a day of fun and relaxation.

lake safety

How to be Safe by the Lake

Millions around the world are taken in by the lure and refreshing coolness of lakes, especially on a hot day. The wonderful feeling that runs through your body as the water splashes over your skin is out of this world. But it is important however, to be careful when engaging in any activity near a lake. It is not uncommon to hear of lake accidents which could have been prevented easily if certain precautions had been put in place. Here are some tips to ensure your safety anytime you embark on a lake vacation.

One of the most important tips to take note of is to swim as safely as possible. Since you like spending your vacation or retreat near lakes, you must learn how to swim; and members of your family must not be left out as well. You can easily take swimming lessons by either hiring a private coach or enrolling in a swimming course. You can search online for institutions who offer such services near your area.

Always swim in places that are maintained excellently and has lifeguards that are active. Do not in any circumstances swim alone, for even excellent swimmers have been known to have accidents which might be due to a muscle strain or by other causes. Underwater plant life, drop-offs and even murky waters are dangerous: stay clear of lakes with these natural systems. Never dive head first into a lake, except you’re diving into a swimming pool; always jump in feet first.

Most people visit the lake on hot days when the sun is blistering hot. Now it is important you protect yourself from sunburn, skin cancer as well as sun damage. Do not just rely on sunscreens only; wear shirts that are lightweight with sleeves, sunshades and hats with a wide brim to further protect yourself. Drink lots of water to prevent dehydration. If it is possible to avoid the sun from late morning to late afternoon, then ensure you do so, for the harmful effects of the sun is strongest between theses hours.

If you must use any watercraft like a Jet Ski or boat, make sure you learn the basics of how to operate the machines and the local laws guiding the use of the watercrafts. If you intend taking other people on board, ensure that each person wears a life jacket. Be very careful as you maneuver you craft around swimmers and other water crafts; do not increase speed until you are well away from the docks and swimming areas and in open waters. Do not, under any circumstances consume alcohol when you are operating a watercraft, or just swimming.

If you follow the guidelines stated above, this will ensure you and your family stay safe and also cherish the pleasant memories of the various lake activities you engage in.

canoe guide

Your Introduction to Canoeing

One of the oldest sports still in existence today is canoeing; canoes are popular and have been used for fishing, transportation, recreation and sports for thousands of years. Canoe performances and affordability have improved with the recent advances in technology.

Canoeing is not just about sitting in a canoe, putting a paddle in the water and pulling; well, basically, that’s all you need to do to propel the boat forward, but it’s way much more than that. Funny as it may sound; lots of people just assume they know all about canoeing and so lots of details are overlooked. You are about to learn the basics and some things you never knew about canoeing.

One of the basic things to know is why you want to canoe. Sounds weird? It isn’t. Lots of people canoe for different reasons; for some, it brings back memories of days spent at childhood camps; for others, it may just be that they are lovers of any outdoor activity. Why you want to canoe, who you will be canoeing with and where you intend to canoe are all very important details to consider and will help you in choosing the best type of canoe to use.

Secondly, after determining the why’s and where you intend to canoe, the next step is to either buy or rent canoe gear. If your intention is to purchase a canoe, then you must perform lots of research. The research revolves around the type of canoeing you will be doing as well as features you desire and need in your canoe. There are different types of canoes to choose from; there is the Recreational Canoe, the Intermediate and Advance Canoe, the Whitewater Canoes, the Racing Canoes and other specialized canoes.

You must also not neglect researching the canoe paddle. There are lots of resources online that will help you choose a canoe, canoe paddles and all other canoe gear that will be necessary for your trip.
As mentioned earlier, canoeing is not about sitting in a canoe and putting the paddle in water; you must learn how to hold a canoe paddle and how to take a forward stroke. If you learn the basics, it will help you in the long run and also increase your enjoyment of the water sport.

The main goal of canoeing is to have some fun. Whether you are into racing, or to enjoy the freshness of nature, or to camp, fish or even to brave the rapids, do not forget to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Canoeists the world over share a certain deep type of bond unlike no other due to the love of the sport, so enjoy and be very proud to be a canoeist. Be involved in any project or festival or community related to paddling. Enjoy yourself at all times!

best lake vacations

6 Brilliant Lake Vacation Ideas for Your Next Trip

Greatly sucked up with these every increasing workloads and anxieties of life, everyone wants to spend some peaceful moments, whether in the form of vacations or some trip. Many of you may think that vacations and trips are just a waste of resources, both in terms of money and time. But have you ever thought about the mental peace and tranquil attained through these trips, which are undoubtedly worth considering.

The cloudy skies, the skyscraping mountains, the windy environments and the gigantic snowy hill tops, these are all the miracles of nature, which are unavailable in the urban environment. If any of us wants to cherish these splendid creations, he has to arrange for a trip, far away from the hustles of modern life. These trips will create a charismatic memory for the rest of the life, full of illusions and natural beauty.

Vacation trips can be arranged to varying locations, depending upon your time and budget constraints. Some people love to go for hiking and choose for some tremendous hilltop, which can provide the opportunity for their hiking passion. Some people are lovers of beech, the touch and smell of sand remains in their memories forever. But for a change, why not try lake vacations, this season. The mesmerizing beauty of lakes, with the slow motion of water and the charismatic environment full of natural beauty will get fixed in your memories for the rest of your life.

Here are some ideas for all the nature lovers, who want to plan for memorable lake vacations:

#1 Lake Ozarks

Owed to its fabulous zigzag and the unusual shape Lake Ozarks is also known as the “crazy dragon”. Widespread along the central Missouri this extensive territory of lakes and sub-lakes attract a number of visitors daily. With the holiday season or weekend, the number of visitors is multiplied to a gigantic number. You can have the superb boating experience, getting through the whole dragon and experiencing the magnificent surroundings. Lake Ozarks is also a central hub to the Anderson Hollow Cove, most commonly known as the party cove. So if you can add Lake Ozarks to the list of destinations, for the vacations this year, you will surely be having the best experience of your life.

#2 Lake Powell

On the Utah-Arizona border, there lies a grand reservoir along the Colorado River. It is a man made miracle in the true sense named as Lake Powell. The most fantastic activity along the Lake Powell is the boating experience. While leaving along the lake one major attraction is an arch of natural rock, now famous among the visitors as the Rainbow Bridge. The surrounding area along the Lake Powell has been converted into a park, where hundreds of visitors come for making their vacations a real feast. We will suggest you to make a fantastic trip to the site, having full leisure time.

#3 Table Rock Lake

In 1950, near Branson Missouri, as a result of flood control measure a fabulous lake was constructed. Now it is known as Table Rock Lake. The lake is known for its widespread geographical boundary, it has a number of different winding arms, where hundreds of visitors can be accommodated for boating as well as many recreational activities. The lake front is heavily furnished with recreational resorts and different campsites. This season you should try to spend your vacations in theses fabulous camps and Lake Site and try to make the best possible decision. The shoreline is wider and can entertain you and your family with multiple opportunities.

#4 Lake Havasu

At the Arizona- California border, there is a gigantic split down in the form of Lake Havasu. Hundreds of visitors all around the Los Angeles area as well as a wide number of revelers from Phoenix get to this widespread shoreline of Lake Havasu. In 1930 this lake emerged as a result odd a construction on the Colorado River. The lake is considered as a dream spot for fishing, so if you want to enjoy your vacation with the fun filled fishing, Lake Havasu is the best option. Not only fishing you can get the full opportunity of extended trip by availing the fabulous campsites available along the shoreline. Another distinctive feature is the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge, which is undoubtedly worth seeing. So, boating, fishing and fabulous wildlife, all make up to a worth considering vacation site of Lake Havasu.

#5 Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan is located in Northern Washington. The lake is also providing scenery of beautiful mountains and well settled town. Not only the recreational spot, but the wide wine market of the area can also provide you best recreation along with your visit to the lake. The fifty mile shoreline of the lake has small camping sites and boating areas.

#6 Lake Tahoe

Being the gateway to Northern California, the fresh water lake extending up to seventy two miles is the biggest resort of the area. Here not only the splashing water of the lake catches your eyes, but the glorious snow capped mountains make the viewer lost in the beauty of nature. A number of casinos and picnic resorts on the borders of Nevada also serve as the source of attraction for all the visitors. If you are planning for extended vacations you can also choose to avail the coming sites as well as the picnic reports available along the Lake Tahoe. The mountains surrounding the lake are covered with shiny snow, throughout the year and make the viewer spellbound of their beauty. Along the mountains the hiking trail available for the adventurous souls is also no less than a miracle and a blessing.

These vacations, try spending your time with the best opportunities of lake vacations. You will surely enjoy the best leisure time of your life, when you will be enjoying the utmost natural beauty and charisma. Lake vacations may be a new idea for you, but it will undoubtedly add to the best memories on the pages of your life.